Embrace your Empathy! is a two-part project commissioned by Flow Festival for Gustafsson&Haapoja as the festivals’ artists of the year 2016. The playful project consists of flags of nation states modified to include images of animals culturally or biologically important to the region, and a 7-minute animation based on a manifesto for interspecies coexistence.

Embrace Your Empathy

2-channel video installation, 07:00 min / loop
Concept and script Gustafsson & Haapoja
Animation Matti Vesanen
Production FLOW Festival, 2016

Installation of 20 flags
Concept, texts and design Gustafsson & Haapoja
Producer Terhi Tuomi
Production FLOW festival, 2016

Embrace Your Empathy! At Flow Festival, Helsinki, 2016.
Embrace Your Empathy! At Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, 2019. Photo Terhi Tuomi.
Embrace Your Empathy! At Kyoto Art University Gallery @KCUA, 2021.