Museum of Nonhumanity opens in 2016

A new temporary museum is to open in Helsinki in September. The museum will present the history of the distinction between humans and other animals, and the way that this imaginary boundary has been used to oppress human and nonhuman beings. Elements of dehumanization are seen toda

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Gustafsson&Haapoja is the Visual artist of the year 2016 of Flow Festival

New series of work under the title Embrace Your Empathy! will be a prelude to Gustafsson&Haapoja’s new project Museum of Non-Humanity. The museum focuses on the history of dehumanization and will open in the Suvilahti area’s – where Flow is also held – Tiivistämö building

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The Museum of the History of Cattle in ZKM Germany

The Museum of the History of Cattle premiered abroad in the end of October 2015. The project is displayed in ZKM, the center for art and mediatechnology in Karlsruhe, Germany. Gustafsson&Haapoja’s work is part of the exhibition Exo-Evolution that  exhibits work fr

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Keynote in ZKM – Non-Human Accounts of History

A lecture by Terike Haapoja in ZKM Tribunal against the crimes of the 20th century. The lecture discusses non-human legal personhood, the history of other species and dehumanisation. 45min + discussion.

Open the video from link below:

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A new publication: History According to Cattle

History According to Cattle Edited by: Laura Gustafsson, Terike Haapoja Publishers: Into Publishing, punctum books, Gustafsson&Haapoja

The world history is written by winners: humans. Still, history includes a multiplicity of agents and processes: other animals, natu

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The Trial – premiere 13.11.2014

THE TRIAL Courtroom lecture performance

The performance is available for touring. Premiere in November 2014 in Konsistorin sali, Helsinki University Performed in English Duration: approx. 90 min

”I have come to the conclusion that the making of laws is like the ma

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Gustafsson&Haapoja awarded with Kiila-prize

Gustafsson&Haapoja has been awarded with the Kiila-prize of the year 2013. The prize is given by Kiila association board annually to an artist or a project with significant artistic or societal impact. The former prizes have been awarded to Kristian Smeds, Leena Krohn, Rosa Lik

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New project: The Museum of the History of Cattle

The Museum of the History of Cattle attracted hundreds of people. Read more on the project here photos Noora Geagea, Terike Haapoja


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